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Customer Success

Zendesk Inc. is a customer service software. Zendesk's customer service and engagement products scales interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and other channels all in one place.

Seamless Zendesk Integration Made Easy With Kizen

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  • Zapier

Unify your revenue generating teams and your customer experience teams with your Zendesk and Kizen integration. Trigger personalized, customer-centric campaigns, automations, and workflows at the right time. Ensure that your Customer Success teams have all the necessary data  to develop valuable and long-standing relationships with your customers. 

Break down the silo between your marketing, sales, customer success, and leadership teams, unlocking the transparency, collaboration, and insights necessary to fuel growth and more amazing customer experiences. 

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All Of The Most Important Capabilities Brought Together By Kizen

Customize your Zendesk integration with the following triggers and actions.


  • New Ticket
  • New Group
  • Recent Ticket
  • New View
  • New User
  • New Organization
  • New Action on Ticket


  • Create/Update Contact
  • Add File To A Contact
  • Start Automation
  • Update List/Group
  • Update Ad List
  • Log An Interaction
  • Log An Activity
  • Create An Order
  • Create A Product
  • Send an Email
  • Send a Text Message
  • Trigger Sequence
  • Schedule Activity
  • Send Survey
  • Notify Team Member
  • Assign Team Member
  • Create/Update Deal
  • Create/Update Company
  • Find Contact By Custom Field
  • Find Contact By Email Address


  • New Completed Survey
  • New Completed Purchase
  • New Completed Form
  • New Failed Purchase
  • New Website Visit
  • New Email Click
  • New Email Attachment
  • Opened
  • New Contact Added
  • New Activity Logged
  • New Tag Added To 
  • Contact
  • Contact Updated
  • New Deal Created
  • New Activity Scheduled
  • Deal Updated


  • Create Organization
  • Attach File to Ticket
  • Add Comment to Ticket
  • Update Organization
  • Update User
  • Create Ticket
  • Create User
  • Add Tag(s) to Ticket
  • Update Ticket
  • Find an Organization
  • Find a User
  • Find or Create Ticket
  • Find an Agent
  • Find a Ticket
  • Find or Create Organization
  • Find or Create User
  • Find a Group

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